The Process

The process will differ, depending on the project. Some folks come to me with a draft in hand and want help refining it. Others may have a nebulous idea and want to work through how to turn that fluffy cloud of creativity in a piece of rock-solid writing. Still others might have the list of Common App questions in hand and a look of sheer dread on their face. Don’t worry! I can help with all of those.

Wherever we start, I can assure you that the final product will be your story, not mine. Calling on my training as a journalist, I will ask questions about your project goals and motivations. We’ll identify what actions or emotions we are trying to coax from the reader, as well as what you want the reader to know about you when they finish the last sentence.

We will work as a team. In the end, I will have had the good fortune to meet someone new and interesting, and you just might have learned a thing or two about yourself.